Below are links to PDF documents that will be useful when setting up to produce filters. You can also learn a lot by visiting the informative website of Filtron, a well-established filter factory in Jinotepe, Nicaragua.


  1. Investigation of the Potters for Peace Colloidal Silver Impregnated Ceramic Filter, December 2001: extensive review of filter effectiveness (80 pages)
  2. Best Practice Recommendations for Local Manufacturing of Ceramic Pot Filters for Household Water Treatment, June 2011: extensive review of all aspects of production (186 pages)
  3. Building the Mani Kiln: detailed and illustrated instructions for building a kiln to fire ceramic water filters (20 pages)
  4. Mani Kiln: airflow, dimensions, firing technique, problem solving, safety (17 pages)
  5. Plans for a Filter Press: detailed drawings of a “scissors” press used in filter making (7 pages)
  6. Video on how to make a Filter Press (youtube)