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Potters for Peace Presents at UNC Water and Health Conference

Posted by Kaira Wagoner

Potters for Peace (PfP) members Robert Pillers, Reynaldo Diaz and Kaira Wagoner showed off their ceramic weapons of mass bacterial destruction at the UNC Water and Health conference in Chapel Hill, NC last week (October 29-November 2).  Joining over 100 experts on water, sanitation and health, PfP learned and shared with the best in the field.  PfP contributed with a poster presentation, an oral presentation and a live filter demonstration… not to mention the countless lively discussions regarding filter production, quality control, and the way forward.  

We are excited about where the filter is headed, and proud of our contribution thus far.  With a small budget, PfP has helped establish around 40 factories in 28 countries in just 14 years!  With your support, we can keep up the good, hard work.  Thanks to all those who have helped us get this far.  Ron PRESENTE!

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